Angler is a sea-life focused restaurant from Chef Joshua Skenes and Saison Hospitality located in the heart of Los Angeles.




The menu is a collection of local bounty. Each day’s inspiration is drawn from the products themselves and is an articulation of their natural flavors, served at their peak taste. Our cooking is slow and deliberate, pausing to pay attention to all the little details that make good food great. We work with a small group of fishermen,
hunters, gatherers, ranchers, and farmers to find and follow

microclimates that produce the highest quality products in local existence. All of the cooking revolves around open wood fire and a fireplace designed for Chef Skenes's unique methodology, techniques, and tools for extracting the best tastes in our products.

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We have an expansive cellar that reflects our deep passion for
the classic wine regions of the world. The list features a particular emphasis on the wines of Burgundy as well as benchmark producers from our backyard in Napa and Sonoma. Through our close grower relationships and cellaring program, we offer an extensive selection of both young and mature wines from
around the globe.

Just like the food, the bar program matches the ethos of exceptional product, fire and time. The list will feature carefully curated spirits from well-known and small-batched distillers, to specially sourced selections that date back several decades. 

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Located at the edge of Beverly Hills and West Hollywood,
Angler evokes a rich maritime setting nestled in the Beverly Center. Angler offers a private dining room in which guests are invited into an environment of comfort and leisure. The room
can accommodate groups up to 16 guests.  

Regardless of occasion, from corporate meetings to full restaurant buy-outs, our team attends to every detail to ensure an unforgettable event. Please contact our Director of Private Events & Partnerships to arrange a tour and discuss the unique ways we can create a memorable event by clicking here.




Joshua Skenes Founder

Joshua Skenes

Mark Bright Saison Hospitality Partner and Wine Director

Mark Bright
Saison Hospitality Partner and Wine Director

Gary Gauba Chairman

Gary Gauba

Jag Kapoor Chief Operating Officer

Jag Kapoor
Chief Operating Officer

Dameon Evers Executive Chef

Dameon Evers
Executive Chef

Maxfield Schnee Director of Operations

Maxfield Schnee
Director of Operations

Bryce Vaughn General Manager

Bryce Vaughn
General Manager

Peter Carrillo Wine Director

Peter Carrillo
Wine Director

Brandyn Tepper Saison Hospitality Director of Beverage

Brandyn Tepper
Saison Hospitality Director of Beverage




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